Why Synthetic Turf is Safe for Pets

​Are you tired of your pets tracking mud onto your floors, destroying the hours of yard work you have worked on, or destroying the grass in your yard by their digging?  If so, then artificial turf may be the answer to your dilemma.

One question that we are often asked is, “Will a synthetic lawn be a good solution for me?”  Pet waste is indeed a messy business, and you may be concerned about issues such as drainage and odor that could come since your pets will be using this artificial turf for their restroom.

Some people worry about how well their synthetic grass will hold up to the wear and tear of pets.  They may wonder if their pet’s urine will stain or discolor the color of their grass pad.  Because your grass turf is porous, urine will drain directly through to the ground underneath thus retaining its beautiful appearance.  The turf will also remain unharmed by feces as long as you pick up and discard them.  It will be important to rinse the area with a hose to clean it.  While some products have less draining and cleaning capabilities, you will need to determine which synthetic turf products will best meet your specific needs. 

Is Artificial Grass Safe For Dogs?

You may be wondering if artificial grass for dogs is a good solution because of the issues of drainage and odor that could come from your pets using the synthetic lawn as their restroom.  We are experts at dealing with these issues and assure that proper drainage is utilized thus ensuring that your artificial lawn remains clean and dry no matter how much your pets utilize the new turf. 

Puppy on Synthetic Turf

When determining what products will work best for your situation, we will ask for information like how many dogs will use the pet turf and about how often they will be using the area.  Our products will work fine for you if you have a yard that doesn’t see a lot of usages.  However, if you have a high usage area such as those in a kennel, then our K9 grass might be a better choice for your needs.   

Your artificial turf will remain to look great because of its porous consistency.  Urine will drain directly through to the ground underneath.  The area underneath the faux grass will be properly prepared to manage the fluid and will not result in any staining of the fibers.  Feces will also not harm the turf area in any way as long as they are picked up and discarded.  It is important to also rinse the grass area with a hose for cleaning.  Some of our synthetic turf systems have less draining and cleaning abilities.  We will always discuss your needs to determine which of our turf products will best suit your needs.

Synthetic Turf for your pets

The main goal is to make sure your lawn not only looks great but functions in the best way possible too.   You will have a beautiful turf for your furry pets.