Why Choose Artificial Turf?

Have you ever considered installing turf, grass pavers, or field turf in your yard?  These are all names for artificial turf which is becoming a popular choice in making backyards more attractive.   This synthetic lawn can also be a surprisingly low maintenance alternative to real grass.

There are many advantages to getting a synthetic turf installation at your home.  Homeowners are amazed at how realistic this fake grass appears as well as how economical it can be.  Grass turf can help you save thousands of dollars every year.   With artificial grass carpet, there is no regular watering, no mowing, no weed eating, and no edging.

Man mowing lawn with real grass

When you take into consideration the amount of money you would normally spend on all of these things, it is simple to recognize the benefit that artificial turf grass can have.  Once your synthetic grass has been installed, it will look fantastic every day.  Only minimal but regular maintenance will be required to keep it looking its best.  We will make sure that you know exactly how to maintain the beauty and integrity of your new lush lawn.

Synthetic Turf for your back yard

Why Install an Artificial Turf Grass?

The installation of artificial grass can be a beneficial asset for your home.   Artificial turf has the amazing capability to look like genuine grass but can be much more economical.  Some of the cost-saving benefits of synthetic turf are lower water bills due to not needing to water your artificial lawn.  You can also save money on lawn maintenance as there is no need to mow, edge, or fertilize.

Another benefit of artificial grass installation is aesthetics.  Sports fields and playgrounds can both require regular maintenance to maintain a well-manicured appearance.  As soon as the synthetic lawn has been installed it will look amazing every day with only minimal, regular maintenance.  We will provide all instructions for you so that you can properly care for your newly installed lush lawn area.

Artificial Turf for Home

Many homeowners or property manager’s for residential properties such as senior living facilities or apartment complexes, value the outdoor appearance of their property.   They take great pride in making sure their outdoor space is well landscaped and makes a great statement.   It can be very difficult to maintain a lush lawn year-round in some areas, due to the extremely hot summers and harsh and unusual winters.   Hot summers can scorch your beautiful lawn and city water restrictions can make it hard to ensure your grass is getting the amount of water it needs to stay green and lush.   Even if you never face water restrictions, the constant high water bill you get every month, as hot weather means a lot of water is necessary to upkeep a lush lawn, may overwhelm you.   Real grass yards also require time and attention, as they need to be mowed, edged, and weeding.   Many people do not have enough time to keep up with the regular maintenance a yard needs, and they either let their lawn get out of control or have to spend money to hire someone to take care of their yard. 

Synthetic Turf for your home

Artificial turf has risen in popularity recently, as people are realizing it is possible to keep a yard looking beautiful and green year-round.