There can be hesitation in regards to installing artificial grass on residential properties because some people fear that it will not look like beautiful, lush turf. 

Installing artificial grass has many benefits to having a lush lawn.  As every resident knows, some areas have extreme weather conditions such as blazing hot summers and at times freezing winters.  These weather conditions cannot be avoided and often will kill the grass in residential lawns if they are not properly kept up and protected.  With a synthetic lawn, you will never have to worry about the heat or ice killing your lawn, which will keep your property looking spectacular year-round.  To keep real grass looking lush year-round, it requires a lot of maintenance and watering.  It can be expensive and time-consuming to properly maintain a lawn to achieve the outstanding appearance you desire.  Artificial grass for residential yards is such a great option because you will never have to water your lawn or mow it again, which will save you time and money.  Water bills can be costly and skipping a few days of watering can cause your grass to die almost overnight. 

Synthetic Turf putting green

How to Install Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass installation is similar to installing carpet, as there are different grades of base layers to choose from that will then have synthetic turf installed on top of it.  You will choose the materials that best suit your outdoor space needs, as well as the budget.  The great thing about artificial grass installation is that there are virtually countless options to pick from, to make a synthetic lawn work for just about every budget. 

For residential lawns, we install artificial turf in swimming pool areas, doggie spaces, front yards, backyards, and even rooftops.  Artificial grass can transform a flat rooftop space into a functional new living space, where you can host parties and still have privacy.  Skilled professionals have also installed putting greens in many residential backyards, which is perfect for the golfer who wants to improve their short game but doesn’t have time to go to the golf course every day.  A home putting green is sure to impress your neighbors and friends, as well as sharpen your game. 

Synthetic Turf in backyard

There are also endless types of commercial spaces that would benefit from artificial grass installation.  We have installed synthetic turf in common spaces, medians, swimming pool areas, indoor spaces, and rooftops for various commercial properties.  Synthetic grass is very cost-effective for businesses, as it looks lush year-round and you do not have to spend money on upkeep or watering.  Playgrounds and sports fields are also great spaces for synthetic grass, as they receive a lot of foot traffic.  Real grass in athletic and play areas experiences quick wear and tear and can become a dirt field before you know it.  It is expensive and time-consuming upkeep for real grass in these types of areas, and synthetic grass takes the stress and extra work out of the picture.  We use realistic looking artificial turf, and it will add to the cleanliness of outdoor sports complexes.