Installing a Synthetic Turf Putting Green in Your Back Yard

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a putting green in your yard? 

If improving your golf game is something that you are interested in doing, then you should consider installing an artificial putting green for your home. Not only will you be the envy of the neighborhood with your putting green grass, but you will be well on your way to refining your golf game.

Synthetic Turf Putting Green

Having your putting green turf in your backyard can provide you with the convenience of being able to practice and perfect your golf game whenever you choose.  Golf aficionados are installing putting greens in their yards to take advantage of the opportunity to spend that extra time practicing their strokes that will propel their golf game to the next level.  Just think of how much your golf score can improve after you spend a little time on your very own synthetic putting green in the privacy of your backyard.

Installation Process of Synthetic Turf Putting Greens

You may be curious about the methods involved in installing putting green grass.   The technology and development involved in our golf grass is something that we take great pride in.  We use only the best methods of the installation of your turfgrass.  Our synthetic turf grass provides the same ball roll and bounces that a professional course does. Not only do we guarantee that your putting turf will have the same natural look as a real putting green, but you will also appreciate the amazing performance.

​Putting green turf is a great addition to any residential or commercial property for golf lovers.  Every golfer, whether amateur or professional, knows that your game can be improved greatly if you master your short game.  To improve your golf game, a lot of time must be invested in practicing.  With the busy lifestyle of most people in many people don’t have enough spare time to dedicate to going to the golf course, unless they sacrifice in other areas of their personal life.  Less family time or work hours may not be an option for most people, so in return, their golf game suffers.

Synthetic Turf Putting Green in Your Backyard

Knowing these factors, you can put together the best materials and technology to recreate a golf course putting green with synthetic turf.  Putting green turf has an extremely natural look and also provides a roll and bounce for a golf ball that you would experience on real golf grass. 

Having putting green grass installed on your property makes a great statement to your friends, neighbors, or employees.  It also provides a recreational outlet that can be used by a business for team building or even just a way to promote a culture of health and an active lifestyle among your employees.  Every business owner or manager knows that if you take care of your employees, they will essentially take care of you by giving you their best work.  Putting green turf is becoming an excellent employee perk, while also fostering a positive environment.